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ePro 101: How to Start Your Commercial Property Business with ePro Platform today, controlled through your own hands

Introducing a new smart & safe way to invest in commercial real estate with

Why Commercial Property?
Any type of property, whether it’s commercial or residential, is in most cases a good investment opportunity – however, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) historically proves a better value representation for money in terms of yield returns. Why? Because it offers more financial rewards when compared to residential properties, although the benefits usually come with a larger set of risks: on top of the initial investment, you will need to see larger: think marketing, think management team as well as a whole set of manpower and organizational structure to take care, manage and handle all the commercial tenants.
When you decide to invest and open a hotel or a resort, for example, the hospitality aspects will go way broader than just the simple act of renting out smaller residential properties such as landed houses or single studio apartments.
Another downside of investing in CRE is also the common fact that it usually needs a huge lump sum of funds to start – and of course it needs more time to start operating and even longer time before you start to see the results yielded from the day you decided to start your investment. The risks of the property not working as intended are also much bigger – the way you manage the property and the quality of your marketing team, for example, will add up to the risk factors you have to calculate.
So, unless you have unlimited funding, endless resources and unquenchable passion, investing in CRE seems quite hard to do for most of us. That being said, CRE is actually a very interesting portfolio worth considering investing in, which has the biggest income potential – CRE generally have an annual return off the purchase price up to 20%, much bigger than typical residential homes (5% maximum). So, in 10 years, you can actually double your initial investment!
Then, there’s the fact that CRE usually gets more objective price evaluations, should you decide to re-sell the property earlier than intended. Plus, by renting out your CRE, the strong flow of steady cash income will guarantee a sure path toward financial freedom.
With all the pros and cons weighed up, investing in CRE could be the smartest investment you’d ever make. So, how do we start our own Commercial Property Business? Is it even possible for us middle class Millennials?
The answer is: YES. It is possible. And you can even start it today, from your bedroom. Let’s find out how.

Meet ePro: the revolutionary app that helps you Start Your Own Property Business with zero risk and no hassles
How if we tell you: you can start investing now in Commercial Property Business, owning a part of a luxurious five-star resort in one of the world’s most sought-after holiday destination, with zero risk, all hassles taken care of, so you can enjoy life while your money works for you?
With ePro, you can.
ePro does everything – from taking care of the initial investment, making sure everything works in the best way to yield the optimum investment results, while you sit down and watch the money tree grow bigger.

How does ePro work?
ePro was born from the hands of several Indonesian property entrepreneurs, all of them very young and very successful. They want to bridge the way, break the barrier that only very few people can afford to invest in CRE. That’s why they created ePro – to take all the hassles off and to open up an investment opportunity in which everyone can start their own Property Business – with full control in their hands – and yes, anyone can invest in their platforms, with a starting seed as small as IDR 4,000,000 (four million Indonesian Rupiahs).
Their debut project sees ePro partnering with Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort. The five-star establishment is nestled on the island’s most coveted Seminyak beach, famous for its extensive golden coastline, upscale restaurants and bars, as well as wondrously amazing sunsets. The Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort is an upscale all-suite boutique with only 59 exclusive suites for you to enjoy the calming sea during the day and top DJs drumming out beats after sunset. For more info on Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, please click here.

Through ePro’s own platform, you can buy what we call “lots”. A lot is the right to use a suite room at Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, one night per year for 10 (ten) years. As ePro manages all the investment details, as an investor you can simply relax and see your seed money grow year after year.
Also via the platform, you can manage your own asset portfolio: buy a new lot to start with, add more lots to your investment, see the return yields and even pamper yourself with the five-star treatment you deserve – because, should you decide so, as the lot owner, you can use the suite room for your own world-class holiday in Seminyak!
Our bulletproof system makes it possible for you to yield a net profit of 222% in the first year, with Break-even Point as early as Month 3. Your total investment return in 10 years nets no less than 3,200% – which means you will multiply your seed investment 32 times.
Wait, what? Yes, it may sound too good to be true, but it is true.
With ePro, you may just have found the investment opportunity of a lifetime that you have been looking for. And you can start today, from anywhere, with as little as IDR 4,000,000 (four million Rupiah) starting seed investment. Risk-free, hassle-free, with optimum yield results – don’t wait too long, contact us and become your own boss through the ePro Commercial Real Estate Property Business, reach for that five-star life you’ve always dreamed of!
Are you interested in learning more about this investment opportunity? Click here to download our brochure now.  the highlighted phrase should be a link to download ePro brochure in PDF on the website.

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